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Getting Started

Welcome to BlueJeans Developer Platform!

The BlueJeans developer platform enables 3rd party developers to build applications and integrations using BlueJeans REST APIs and SDKs, powered by award-winning BlueJeans Meetings platform. BlueJeans has brought their mantra of SIMPLE. SMART. TRUSTED. to their developer platform as well.

Via the Developer portal, BlueJeans offers web and application developers, the knowledge and resources to help understand a varieties of BlueJeans SDKs, its salient features that would fit your business needs. Regardless of the industry or business case, to create an application, BlueJeans gives developers the resources to empower their industry-specific workflows with video conferencing - enhancing productivity and collaboration among participants, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

BlueJeans REST APIs are currently available to integrate with BlueJeans Meetings, Events and Rooms. BlueJeans Meetings API provides a group of REST APIs that can be used to authenticate a user, schedule meetings, record meetings, get history data and much more. The developer or user, needs to have a valid BlueJeans account to work with our APIs. BlueJeans events API provides a set of REST APIs for schedule an event, view and update admin settings, retrieve invitee information and so on. BlueJeans Rooms REST APIs provides API to integrate workflows related to BlueJeans Rooms endpoints. Scroll down to know more about REST APIs!


About BlueJeans

BlueJeans Meetings provides a great video conferencing experience by integrating with a wide range of features such as - Dolby Voice + HD Video, a display where a maximum of 25 attendees can be seen, Breakout sessions where meetings can be split into smaller groups, Virtual backgrounds, Closed Captioning and much more.

BlueJeans Events is a platform that lets you host and manage virtual events and live streaming for a large range of audience. It provides a provision for Chat, Polling(Presenters can ask a question and collect feedback during the event) and so on. The event can also be live streamed on social-media platforms or your website. This facilitates around 150000 registered attendees to be on the event.

BlueJeans Room-As-A-Service is a platform that integrates hardware and BlueJeans software to carry out in-the-office meetings. With features like Dolby Voice, easy joining and easy setup, BlueJeans Rooms is a all-in-one service. BlueJeans Command Center is a centralized meeting management tool. It has a dashboard that gives the administrators a view of meeting performance, network conditions and user-focused ROI. 

BlueJeans Telehealth is a way for our clients to consult their patients over a video call. It also captures a patients symptoms and helps with some related material to read/watch. BlueJeans telehealth is HIPAA-ready (A compliance that organisations need to adhere in order to protect integrity and privacy of a patient's health information). Note that BlueJeans telehealth is a Winner of Best of Enterprise Connect 2021!


Web Embedd SDK

Web Client SDK

Embed BlueJeans Video and Audio capabilities into web application

Web Client SDK

Web Embed SDK

Embed a fully functional BlueJeans WebRTC Client within another webpage

iOS Client SDK

iOS Client SDK

Embed BlueJeans Video and Audio capabilities into iOS apps

Android Client SDK

Android Client SDK

Bring an immersive video-calling experience into your android application


 BlueJeans Meeting

BlueJeans Meetings API

Schedule a meeting, manage and record meetings, manage user accounts at the Enterprise level via Meetings API

BlueJeans Events

BlueJeans Events API

Organize virtual events and perform live streams, get event details, get attendee details, and so on via Events API

BlueJeans Rooms API

Provision, list, read calendar, schedule, dial into meetings on your Rooms endpoint via Relay REST APIs.


 BlueJeans Developer Agreement

Developer Agreement

The BlueJeans developer agreement provides a set of terms and conditions that developers must follow when using BlueJeans' platform and products.