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Configuring the gallery layout

While using the standard BlueJeans layout (pre-built layouts), you have four options for layouts: speaker, people, gallery, and filmstrip. In the gallery layout, the Web Client SDK provides you the option to use either a 3x3 or 5x5 grid configuration. By default, the Web Client SDK has set the gallery layout to display 9 participants arranged in a 3x3 style grid.

By selecting a 5x5 grid configuration, you have the ability to view a grid of up to 25 participants, with the active participant being distinguished by a green border. 

The Web Client SDK offers two options for obtaining a 5x5 gallery layout configuration: one is through the initialization method, and the other involves using in-Meeting APIs.

Configuring 5x5 Grid while initializing SDK

BlueJeansSDKInitParams is used as a parameter of the BlueJeansSDK.initialize method. This method is used to change the configurable behavior and UX of the SDK. It is recommended to set this only on larger form factor devices for a better experience.

  let webClientSDK = new BJNWebClientSDK({
Configuring 5x5 Grid In-Meeting 

It is possible to modify the gallery layout configuration by directly calling the setGalleryLayoutConfiguration() API. By default, the gallery layout configuration is set to 3x3. However, if the use case is to support more than 9 video participants, BlueJeans provides the option to scale the layout to 5x5.


To configure back to a 3x3 configuration, you can use the following code snippet.

  • Enabling the 5x5 configuration requires a higher bandwidth consumption, thus it is important to ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth available.
  • The 5x5 configuration may not be the most suitable choice for a smaller screen.