BlueJeans is being sunset. Please refer to more details

Getting Started

Do the following steps to integrate the Web Embed SDK into your project.

Generate Meeting ID

Meeting ID is necessary for joining the meeting/scheduling the meeting by using Web Embed SDK. You can easily obtain the Meeting ID by using the BlueJeans account with the following steps:

  • Sign up for a BlueJeans account either by opting for a trial or a paid mode.
  • Once an account is successfully created, you can schedule a meeting either by using the account or through REST API calls. To enable API calls, please connect to the support team.


For scheduling a televisit through Rest API, make sure  teleVisitEnabled flag has been set as true in post body (Ref. Scheduling Televisits via API).

Integrate the BlueJeans Web Embed SDK

Use the installation steps (Ref. Integration) to integrate the Web Embed SDK into your package. Once you have correctly integrated it, use the SDK to join a meeting with the meeting ID generated.