The Web Embed SDK is JavaScript integration bundled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages. To integrate the Web Embed SDK into your project directory, do the following steps.

SDK Installation

Run the following command to install the Web Embed SDK through NPM or Yarn.

npm install bluejeans-webrtc-embed-sdk


Alternatively, you can download Web Embed SDK


The path may be different depending on where you downloaded the file. When using a <script> tag, the SDK will be available as a global variable BJN.BJNEmbedSDK

For bigger implementations, you would likely use a build system as Web-pack, in such cases use simply require or import in your existing JavaScript as follows:

const BJN = require('bluejeans-webrtc-embed-sdk') 


You can import the JavaScript with the following command.

import { BJNEmbedSDK } from 'bluejeans-webrtc-embed-sdk


Including BJNEmbedSDK

You can easily add BJNEmbedSDK.js by using the following script tag on your webpage.

<script src=""></script>
 <script src="./BJNEmbedSDK.js">


Setting up your page for Embedding

Setting up your page for embedding will need you to have a block-level element (like<div>element) that the BlueJeans interface will be embedded in. You are responsible for sizing this element. Accordingly, the BlueJeans interface will adjust itself to the size of this element. You must give this element a unique DOM id.