Telehealth Quick Start Guide

BlueJeans has brought the support of our telehealth product via our Web Embed SDK. The Web Embed SDK provides telehealth customers with both the traditional meeting experience as well as the ability to conduct televisit sessions within your environment. To use the televisit session functionality, your account must be enabled with the telehealth entitlement.

The televisit experience provides a fast, convenient, and personalized video conferencing encounter for both patients and providers. Using our Web Embed SDK for televisit consultations, you can provide an enhanced experience for both patients and providers as well as the flexibility of virtual care. To get started with the SDK integration of the Web Embed SDK with televisits in your project, check out our Getting Started Guide.


To use the televisit functionality with the Web Embed SDK, your BlueJeans account should be enabled with Telehealth entitlement. If you want to enable the Telehealth entitlement on your BlueJeans account, you can contact the support team.